Employee Spotlight: Haylee Adkins


Haylee Adkins, Global Head of Client Strategy

Responsibilities at Drawbridge:
The CS team works alongside our partners to provide thought leadership in the identity solution space. We provide meaningful insights to bridge the knowledge gap around cross-device and arm our clients with impactful and actionable data. And we’re hiring!

Background: I’ve spent the last eight years in the mobile tech space managing client relationships, primarily in the NYC market. While working at a mobile network, I realized the technology gap in helping clients understand the identity of their users across devices. When hearing about Drawbridge’s solution and heavy focus on technology, I was definitely interested in learning how I could be a part of this team. I joined Drawbridge in September of 2013 to help crack the brand and agency business on the East Coast and now work across our global team to progress our clients’ identity solution strategies.

Interests Outside of Drawbridge: I love traveling across the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to ten different countries over the last few years and can’t get enough of immersing myself in new cultures. My ideal night out is having a long dinner with my friends and family over a bottles(s) of wine.

I joined mobile the year the first iPhone came out! While I spend time on both coasts, I live in Brooklyn with 90% of the world’s hipster population. I root for the Indianapolis Colts and Kentucky Wildcats.

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Drawbridge Joins the NAI and Reaffirms Commitment to Consumer Choice

Today Drawbridge announced that it has strengthened its industry leadership position with the most comprehensive and transparent choices for consumers to understand and control how they are marketed to across devices. Through its membership in the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and offering of a proprietary one-click cross-device opt-out, Drawbridge sets a new standard with its consumer-first approach to relevant marketing across all devices.

The Drawbridge Universal Opt-Out enables consumers to choose whether or not they receive relevant ads from Drawbridge across all of their connected devices with a single click. When a consumer elects to opt-out, Drawbridge completely removes the consumer’s associated devices from its Connected Consumer Graph™.

The NAI is the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. The organization promotes the health of the digital advertising ecosystem by developing and enforcing high standards for the collection and use of data for online advertising purposes.

Read the full announcement here.

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How Cross-Device Played During the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Infographic

Click the image to enlarge!

Drawbridge analyzed ad requests from smartphones, tablets, and computers during Super Bowl XLIX and compiled cross-device trends for the big event. In general, usage was similar across devices, with a notable exception during halftime when the volume of ad requests from smartphones dipped further below the average than requests from tablets and computers. Here are some other trends observed:

  • There was an initial spike in traffic around the time of the coin toss, national anthem, and kickoff, followed by lower usage during the first half of the game.
  • During halftime, device usage fell, especially on smartphones, indicating that consumers were engaged with the halftime entertainment.
  • Overall, the second half of the game saw higher device usage, with wild swings during the last 40 minutes of the broadcast when there were several exciting moments.
  • As soon as the broadcast ended, device usage fell significantly.


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Employee Spotlight: Matt Litman

Matt Litman

Matt Litman, Senior Account Executive 

Responsibilities at Drawbridge:
I am a member of Drawbridge’s East Coast sales team based out of NYC. I work with select media agencies and clients in the New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Florida markets. I oversee strategy, planning, and managing the day-to-day relationships, as well as fostering new business opportunities.

Background: My career has led me to work on multiple sides of the media & marketing industry. I started out in Philadelphia at Comcast-Spectacor specializing in sports and entertainment marketing. While there, I handled significant live events for the Wells-Fargo Arena ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Justin Timberlake concerts to Disney On Ice. From Comcast-Spectacor I moved to NYC to join media agency MEC (GroupM). Shortly thereafter I made the shift to digital advertising sales at Scripps Networks Interactive. Prior to joining Drawbridge I managed East Coast brand partnerships and advertising for Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds).

What brought me to Drawbridge was the opportunity to join an accomplished, intelligent team that had a track record of successes. What was especially intriguing to me was not just that the company has a cross-device marketing product, but that the team at Drawbridge is pioneering a real solution to an industry-wide problem by solving for cross-device consumer identity. As digital marketing advances, there is a current need for all brands to learn as much about their consumers’ cross-device habits as possible, and I wanted to be on the forefront of that effort.

Interests Outside of Drawbridge: Every Monday night you can find me at the Ronald McDonald House here in New York where I have volunteered since 2007. I am also a Mentor at Year Up. Outside of volunteering, I’m a bit of a foodie and I have a mild obsession with oysters (If you haven’t tried Island Creek Oysters, you’re missing out!). I’m always up to try new food adventures and restaurants. I invite you to grab a seat with me at the Grand Central Oyster Bar – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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A Cross-Device Campaign Playbook


Here are five key targeting plays from the Drawbridge Cross-Device Playbook that rely on cross-device identity and scale to enable marketers to reach relevant users wherever they are.

retargeting1. Retargeting
Drawbridge retargeting, or remarketing, helps marketers reach website visitors later with related ads on other devices. Retargeting campaigns can be on the same device or across devices.
Example: One online travel company retargeted visitors across devices and saw high click-through rates that led to a 60% increase in conversion rates.

2. Conquesting
Drawbridge brand conquesting is used by marketers to reach users of a specific, and often competing, product or service in order to build their own customer base.
Example: A large computer software vendor leveraged cross-device data to reach users of a competing service, leading to 50% higher engagement rates.

3. Audience Extension
By helping marketers reach “lookalike” consumers with similar attributes to those that they know are likely to convert, Drawbridge helps brands meet campaign performance objectives while reaching a larger audience across devices.
Example: Drawbridge helped a major consumer electronics manufacturer triple its cross-device consumer reach while maintaining performance levels 3x above the baseline, as measured by shopping-cart additions.

4. Real-World Context
Offline data provided to Drawbridge by advertisers and other third-parties is commonly used for reaching qualified consumers, but this information also becomes a rich data point about a connected consumer. It can then be used to enhance online marketing across all of a consumer’s devices at a later time. In addition, Drawbridge enables marketers to understand how online ads impact offline behavior.
Example: Drawbridge leveraged cross-device data to help a retailer reach qualified consumers, driving a 58% lift in foot traffic to a store location (as measured by a third-party), beating the goal by 3x.


5. Storytelling
Drawbridge sequential messaging helps marketers tell a story and guide consumers through their purchase path, even as they switch devices. Global frequency caps can also be put in place to optimize ad budgets and increase effectiveness and engagement.
Example: A major consumer electronics brand worked with Drawbridge to deliver sequenced ads across devices, and saw engagement triple on ads after the first in the sequence.

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Cross-Device Marketing Myth #5: TV is Not Connectable

Drawbridge CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan recently busted five myths about cross-device advertising. We’re expanding on her presentation in this five-part series of blog posts.

Myth #5: The Path to Purchase is Unclear

Why Does This Myth Persist?
Traditional TVs are linear devices – that is, they are connected to the wall and don’t carry an IP address like today’s internet-connected devices. We can’t take our TVs with us like we do our other devices. Therefore, we don’t typically think of TVs as being “connectable,” like we do for our smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The fact is, we have an old-fashioned view of TV.

TV advertisements are also run on separate insertion orders from digital campaigns, and often managed by separate teams, so there is a boundary set up by design. We don’t view TV as connectable because we treat it differently, and we treat it differently because we don’t think it’s connectable. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken and updated for today’s reality.

Here’s the Truth…
TVs are quickly becoming smart, personal devices, just like our smartphones, tablets, and computers. With hundreds of millions of streaming devices and smart TVs in the US alone, and over half a billion expected to ship worldwide next year, these are quickly becoming devices that we can easily personalize. And because they are connected to the internet, they become connectable on consumer and device graphs, just like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How Do We Know?
It’s possible to see shared devices at a household level, such as a connected TV, and the addressability of connected TVs makes them connectable on a graph, such as Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph.

TV was the first “device” that we had in our houses – before computers and smartphones and tablets – but it has taken the longest to be connected to consumers. With the new technology built into smart TVs and streaming devices, TV has completed the decades-long endeavor to become truly targetable, measurable, and attributable..

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Employee Spotlight: Gitanjali Sheth

Gitanjali Sheth, Partner Solutions Engineering Manager 

GitanjaliResponsibilities at Drawbridge:
I lead the Partner Solutions team here at Drawbridge. This team sits within the Engineering organization with a focus towards partnerships and integrations with other companies in the digital marketing space. We collaborate with the Product and Business Development teams to reach out to many companies and assist with the technical discussions regarding integration details, testing, and certification processes. Once we have completed a new integration process, we provide training to other teams within the company so that they can leverage the integration for clients who might be interested in using that partner in the future.

My team also participates in pre-sales discussions to provide the technical feasibility for various requirements from our clients. This often leads into integration and certification discussions with other companies. The partner solutions role is unique in many ways. It is a great place to be to get a true experience of interacting across various different teams within the company and to learn about all the new developments in the digital advertising space.

Background: I started out as a Software Engineer at Yahoo!. When I first heard of Drawbridge, I was immediately intrigued by what the company had set out to do in the cross-device marketing space. Today we can all agree that cross-device is the place to be when it comes to digital marketing. That, coupled with the diversity of this role, made it an obvious choice for me to come on board.

Interests Outside of Drawbridge: Outside of work, I look forward to spending time with my friends and family. I love watching sci-fi movies so I am always looking out for the next interesting one being released.

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Employee Spotlight: Randy Cotta

RandyRandy Cotta, Data Scientist 

Responsibilities at Drawbridge:
I am a data scientist on our algorithm team. Day-to-day, this can mean a bunch of different things, but the basic point is to make good predictions, make them as quickly as possible, subject those predictions to data, learn something, and then repeat.

During the last year I have spent a lot of time designing the algorithms that underlie the world’s best probabilistic identity solution (privacy-safe precision at scale!), as well as many of the models that we use to run automated ad campaigns that perform optimally for our clients.

This year of doing data science at Drawbridge has been so satisfying for me, I think largely because of all of the other talented people we have in the Algo/Platform/Online teams. We are never far from deploying the next big idea that we just dreamed up!

Background: I finished a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Stanford in 2012 and spent a year after that working as a postdoctoral scholar at U.C. Irvine before coming to Drawbridge. I spent most of those years working on dark matter research, trying to answer questions like: What do we know about dark matter? Where does it come from and is there a reason for having so much of it in the universe? How should we experiment to get answers to these questions? etc. This was actually a great preparation for what I am doing now, strange as that may seem :)

Interests Outside of Drawbridge: I love to build things; one of my favorite hobbies is working on cars. I spent many of my young years building race cars and I still try to turn a wrench on most weekends. I love data science and machine-learning at the level of workaholism so, as much as I can stomach it after hours, I like to open a terminal and get to making non-work-related predictions. I just won the office fantasy football championship, which may or may not have something to do with that…

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